use template in "conditional logic" for gravity forms ?

i am now getting into "new blog templates" and i really love it thus far.
makes a lot of sense and is very useful.

i am also now trying to use "gravity forms" to take advantage of its "user registration" add-on.
the goal is to stream line the registration process as much as possible, both visually as well as the amount of fields to fill out.

Therefore i am taking advantage of their "conditional logic" and other features.

screenshot 1 shows(sort of) the intention,
basically there would only be a name and email required to join.

screenshot 2 shows the conditional logic opened, only if someone wants a site and they click "yes" then all the site fields would open.

problem is from the screenshots, the "site templates" are always showing because i cannot or don't know how to get that part into the same field to be used in the same way,
in other words, only if someone wants a site and clicks "yes" then all the site fields and "site templates" would open.

its basically just to get everything in a sort of drop down or accordion style to have a nice initial sign up page.

so my question is,
can the new "new blog templates" integration feature with gravity forms be put into, or used with their conditional logic feature because it is not there in the initial form creation as a field.