Use the Newsletter field of Spirit Theme with e-newsletter plugin

I would like to use the newsletter field which is nicely built in the Spirit theme to refer to my e-newsletter plugin by WPMU Dev.
Can you please help me on this subject?
Thanks & regards

  • Sajid

    Hi @Renaud,

    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    That is just a placeholder for subscription form. It goes nowhere at the moment.

    You can use eNewsletter shortcode or widget to display the optin form. I can see on the site you have linked with the ticket that there is already a signup form.

    Do you want to make it look like the demo subscribe form ?

    Take care and have a nice day :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,
    Sajid J

  • Nastia

    Hello Renaud, I hope you are well today!

    Please use the following CSS code to get the subscription form looked like in the screenshot bellow:

    input#e_newsletter_email {
        width: 100%;
        text-indent: 15px;
        line-height: 38px;
        height: 38px;
        box-sizing: border-box;
        font: 15px 'Open Sans', Arial;
        font-weight: 300;
        color: #707070;
        background: #FFFFFF;
        outline: 0px;
        border: 1px solid #fff;
        border-radius: 4px;
        display: inline-block;
        float: left;}
    input#new_subscribe.enewletter_widget_submit {
        background: #663399;
        border-bottom: 2px solid #47206e;
        border-radius: 4px;
        color: #ffffff;
        font-family: 'Oswald', Arial, sans-serif;
        font-size: 16px;
        font-weight: 300;
        line-height: 38px;
        height: 38px;
        width: 25%;
        padding: 0px;
        margin: 0px;
        text-decoration: none;
        text-transform: uppercase;
        margin-top: 15px;
        width: 100%;}
    label {

    Paste the following code into the Upfront CSS editor, click on Theme Settings > Add custom css rules as it is shown in the attached screenshot. Don't forget to save your settings :slight_smile:

    If there is anything else you need, please, let us know.


  • Stu

    I've copied the CSS code into the theme settings at the bottom to make the subscription form look like the default Spirit theme and it has not changed and still looks the same, the widget has extra fields and options as it did before pasting this code into the theme options, please see scroll to the bottom of the homepage.

    The layout is not as the image below, and of course the button is purple rather than the default Spirit theme colour all help is appreciated, thank you.

  • Sajid

    Hello Stu,
    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    If the above mentioned CSS code and instructions does not work for you then please create your own thread here, so we could further investigate this issue and provide you a code that work for your site.

    We will also try to login on your site and do it ourself if you create your own thread, select your site with that thread where the issue is and enable support staff access.

    Take care and have a nice day :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,
    Sajid - WPMU DEV Support