Used Snapshot to migrate – now cannot edit images on site

I used SNAPSHOT to migrate site over from my staging environment to client hosting and everything has worked ok except for one thing

Now the staging site URL seems to be hanging around on the new domain especially when I am in the Upfront editing UI (see image) which is causing problems.

I noticed it was lurking about but I cannot seem to edit / change this anywhere in the WP UI

I think that this is causing the CMS to bug out whenever I try to update any images on the site. I can access the image library but it just hangs there if I select another image.

I guessing that the UI is trying to save to the sub-domain instead of the domain as it should.??

The hosting URL is and my staging site was

so I need to be able to totally remove the "razordigital" part of the URL from the client site but I am not sure where I would need to do this.

I am guessing that because Snapshot completely replaces the original Db ( ) with the migrated Db ( that this is where the reference is coming from?

Can I make an edit to the actual database via myPHPadmin to update the migrated database so that it thinks that it is from instead of

Hope that you guys and gals can help me resolve this issue

Cheers… Brett


What would be really cool is a feature in SNAPSHOT that allows for MIGRATION of database (website) to a new domain – without overwriting the existing database and removing all of the users etc.