User access level not displaying and registering when users redirect back to Registration Complete p

When users on our site pay for a premium membership access level through paypal, when they return to the site their access level is not recognized on the Registration Complete page, and therefore the protected content is not displaying properly.

In addition, the access level is not shown correctly which might confuse some users.

If you refresh the page without doing anything else, it all works properly. So it seems that the system is working properly, it's just not updating the page in the right order.

Does this make sense? Any thoughts on what might be causing it?

In the first screenshot you can see that it's showing "no membership" on the right, and it should show "Premium Inspector" on the left.

The second screenshot is what you see after you refresh the screen, which is how it should display initially.

We are using Membership, BP 1.6.3 and WP 3.5.1.

I have an IP maintenane program on the site, but if someone gives me their IP address I can open it up for testing.

This also only happens when the dollar amount is greater than 0. When I tried a test with no charge, it worked properly. There is something about the return from paypal that seems to be the issue.