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We're an association called "Raspberry Jam Sweden" with which we hold events for people interested in Raspberry Pi. For out website we figured it would be nice to give the members who pay their member fee some extra featured and therefore got this plugin, Membership.

I've managed to set up most of the environment as I want it, such as URL Groups, subscriptions and two access levels. The access levels I've created are as such:

- Visitor
- Paying member

For the visitor access level I have put four URL groups in the negative section, disallowing access to these URL:s, such as the forum, groups, activity and member profiles. These rules apply to users who are just visiting the site or members without a subscription.

Though, if I put a new member as "Paying member" the negative rules from visitor still apply to that user, even though he is not in that group at all. How do I go about controlling this?

Also, can I set visitor as a default access level, so that any new user automatically will get bound to that specific level until they decide to pay their fee?

My last question is regarding upgrading, or adding a new subscription as you may call it. How would I go about adding a link to a page where users can "upgrade" their account? Is there a page for the upgrade functionality?

Thanks in advance,

  • Alexander

    Hi @Jonathan Lundström,

    First, I'd recommend going to "Membership -> Options" and setting the "Stranger settings" on the general tab.

    Here you'll be able to take your "Visitors" level, and have it automatically applied to guests, and users who haven't paid.

    Just don't set the "use subscription" option on that page (it's meant for sites that are entirely free)

    Membership allows for multiple subscriptions to be applied to a user, so it's possible that you do have both the visitor and paying levels applied at the same time. Switching to the method above should fix this.

    Membership doesn't exactly have an "upgrade" process, but instead you can add multiple subscriptions. This all happens from the registration page, you you can just provide a link back there.

    Best regards,

  • Jonathan Lundström

    Hi Alexander!

    Thanks for your reply, although I am still a little bit confused.
    I did just as you said in the first step, and made sure that logged out users are given the access level of Visitor, this works and all my access controls work like they should, disallowing the visitors to access certain parts of the website.

    Although, if I add a subscription to the user (paying member) which in turns give them an access level they see the menus as they should, but my URL Groups are still denying them access, even though they should only apply to the visitors.

    Why is that?

    Also, users are never being asked to add a subscription on the registration page, so I am curious how this process happens. Our goal is to have as many paying customers as possible, but we need to have an easy way for them to pay for a subscription and get full access to the page content.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Alexander

    Hey @Jonathan Lundström,

    I'm sorry for missing your posts there. I'm not sure why your URL groups would still be denying access. How have you added these? As positive or negative rules?

    It might actually be that you are using "positive" rules for the user subscription. Once they are logged in, the only thing they will be affected by are those rules. The visitor rules will no longer apply. So, you need to make sure that you are granting access to all the necessary content for every access level.

    To clarify further, access levels don't "stack" from the visitor level. They are only combined when a user has multiple active subscriptions.

    As for the redirect, it sounds like your payment gateway isn't configured properly. If you're using PayPal, try setting it to "sandbox / test " mode, and see if it works then. Otherwise just let me know what gateway you're working with and we can look into it.

    Hope this helps clear some things up! Please let me know if you need any other help here,

    Best regards,

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