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I've created a new user with Membership plugin. I manually gave the user a subscription level. But I can't log in as that user. It says "Sorry, this account is not active." I can't figure out what needs to be done to activate the new user account.

  • Mason
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    I've created a new user with Membership plugin.

    Ok, couple questions:
    How did you create the new user - through the subscription form on the public side or through the admin interface somehow?
    Does the new user exist in wp_users in the database?
    Do new users on your site need to "activate" their accounts through an email? If so, has this been done?

    I know, I know... 20 questions, but we'll help ya get it sorted with a bit more info.

    Thanks! :smiley:

  • greymatter
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    Thanks for that. I'm going to dig into things at that level once I get past basic activation.

    I created the account the way a visitor would, on the public side, up until the point where the PayPal payment would have to be made. From there, I manually set the Membership level from the admin side. I never received an activation email (though I did receive notification emails about the new account - one for the user, one for the admin). The user appears under Membership > Edit Members, Super Admin > Users, and Users > Users.

    Ah, I just spotted it. The Activate link in Membership > Edit Members. That was the "missing link." :wink:

    So, why was no activation email sent? Does it have to do with the way I completed the registration, or do I have a configuration error?

    Also, I'm a little fuzzy on how WordPress users and Membership plugin users are related. Is there a place to find docs on this?

    I guess I have 20 questions back'atcha. :slight_smile:

  • greymatter
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    Here's the latest twist in this drama:

    I can login, but the user couldn't see anything. After some digging, I discovered that his Membership Level is inactive. But when I try to Activate it, I get this message:

    Membership Level activation not toggled.

    I'm not sure what the problem is or how to get past this. Any ideas? Any place to go for more details about the error?

  • Mason
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    Can you check your database for wp_m_membership_levels. See if your level title is listed here and if it's set to "1".

    I'm trying to think of why this would be happening? You're logged in as the site admin as defined in the plugin's config section correct?

    If you're not the orginal 'admin' user, you should define this in the config file at this location:

    Let us know! Thanks!

  • greymatter
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    The level is inactive in the table:

    id level_title level_slug level_active level_count
    Edit Delete 1 Guest guest 1 0
    Edit Delete 2 Charter charter 0 1

    I am the original admin user, but I didn't use the name 'admin'. Maybe this is the problem, because membership-config.php contains this:

    // Use a global table system - experimental
    define( 'MEMBERSHIP_MASTER_ADMIN', 'admin');

    Is it safe for me to replace 'admin' with my actual admin username here? Do you think that will solve the problem?

    The thing that makes me most doubtful about this is that I was able to Activate the Guest membership level. If it was an admin issue, I would think both activations would fail. So I would surmise that it's something about the Charter membership level that is causing the problem. Of course, I could easily be wrong.

  • Mason
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    Well, you could always just change it to '1' directly in the database, but I think the issue goes deeper.

    The thing that makes me most doubtful about this is that I was able to Activate the Guest membership level. If it was an admin issue, I would think both activations would fail.

    I'd agree with ya here, but I haven't fully had to test out every scenario with this plugin myself. I'd give it a whirl (change to your username), save, log out, and log back in. If it works, we know that was the issue. If it doesn't or if there's any new problems, you can change it back and then edit directly in the DB.

    I'll ask the lead plugin developer to drop by as well. He's out for a few days here, but he may be able to drop in and give some advice.

    Just let us know how it turns out for ya.


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