User accounts vs Site accounts..

I remember a plugin some time ago which automatically created a site for each new user, named after that users username, like I don't remember what the plugin was called but I don't see anything like it available. I could just be missing it, or is it no longer available? Reason I ask is because I don't want people signing up unless they want to create a site, lest they might use up all the best usernames. In short, I want users to actually be users, and not just subscribers.

Also, I don't want them to be able to create multiple sites. Looking at the options:

Registration is disabled.
User accounts may be registered.
Logged in users may register new sites.
Both sites and user accounts can be registered.

I would like another option - Users get one site and can't create more sites.

Actually, I think that might be the plugin.. it limits users to a single site, namely /NewUser.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

  • Tedster

    Hmm.. no way to edit my post? :slight_smile:

    It was a couple of years ago so I don't remember how I did it. However, it definitely involved using one or two premium plugins from WPMUDev, which appear to be no longer available. Can anybody suggest how I would do this? I believe I had WP set so "Both sites and user accounts can be registered.", along with using a plugin that limit them to one site, if I recall. But whatever the case, here's what I need to accomplish:

    User signs up,
    A blog is automatically created with their username (
    They are not allowed to create any blogs (sites) beyond that.

    It seems the only options are user signs up and THEN creates their own unlimited number of blogs, or they can only sign up as subscriber.

    Any suggestions, anybody?


  • DavidM

    Hi WebTrooper,

    The Membership plugin has a blog creation rule that lets you set the number of blogs a member can create and with that you could easily set that amount to 1 to limit the blog creation. I think you'd have to do a bit of custom work with wp-signup.php in order to get the blog to create using the username though.

    And while I haven't tried it, Gravity Forms has a registration add-on (available in the developer version) that provides customization of the registration form, including site/blog creation. I'm just not sure if it could be used in this particular way though. Perhaps someone else around here could confirm that?


  • Tedster

    Thanks David, this is just the kind of info I need. Gravity Feeds developer version is kind of pricey, but I'll keep it in mind. I'm doing some testing with Joomla with jFusion extension, to see if I can get that to create user sites on sign up. I also have WordPress for Joomla ( which might work, but it's basically a hacked version of WP, so would prefer not to go that route.

    I didn't know the Membership plugin can limit the number of blogs, and that is really helpful! But I plan on making use of Supporter plugin. Will I run into any compatibility issues running both of these plugins?

    EDIT: The following is from forums...

    Posted 3 hours ago #

    As best I can tell, MultiSite does not actually create a blog for each user. Rather, network admin can allow users to create unlimited blogs (sites), but cannot limit them to one site. WP MultiSite definitely does not automatically create a blog for each new user.

    Registration is disabled.
    User accounts may be registered.
    Logged in users may register new sites.
    Both sites and user accounts can be registered.

    I'm currently searching through the available plugins to see if anything is available that will automate creating a blog for each new user, but it's not an easy thing to search for. Search terms like "automate, user and blog" turn up hundreds of results, so lots of sifting to go through them all. I'll post back if I find anything.

    By the way, (EXPENSIVE!!) used to have such a plugin, but doesn't seem to be available any more.

    Half-Elf Support Rogue
    Posted 2 hours ago #

    Both sites and user accounts can be registered.

    That one will. Have you tried it? Sure, people can opt not to, but you could use CSS to force it to be always checked and hide the option to uncheck.

  • Tedster

    Sorry you can't help more??? Turn that frown upside down, friend... that is exactly the plugin I needed to make this work! :smiley: :smiley:

    I don't know why, but for some reason I thought it was a wpmudev plugin.

    I did use css to hide the selection, which has "Gimme a blog" checked by default. I also hid the text field for selecting a blog URL in the second step of the process, which is by default filled with the username they created in the first step.

    Thanks! :slight_smile:

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