User accounts vs Site accounts..

I remember a plugin some time ago which automatically created a site for each new user, named after that users username, like I don’t remember what the plugin was called but I don’t see anything like it available. I could just be missing it, or is it no longer available? Reason I ask is because I don’t want people signing up unless they want to create a site, lest they might use up all the best usernames. In short, I want users to actually be users, and not just subscribers.

Also, I don’t want them to be able to create multiple sites. Looking at the options:

Registration is disabled.

User accounts may be registered.

Logged in users may register new sites.

Both sites and user accounts can be registered.

I would like another option – Users get one site and can’t create more sites.

Actually, I think that might be the plugin.. it limits users to a single site, namely /NewUser.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile: