User Activity and Membership 2

I have several things going on here that I need some help with. I'm using Membership 2 and I'm using User Activity.

1. I have 3 levels of users,
a. Admin (only me),
b. editor (or contributor) (just one person at our client's location)
c. subscriber (all users)

the level B user has some features they can access in the admin back end but these deal entirely with users and the support tool. My initial need for help resides with what this level of user is seeing.

1. I need to figure out how to prevent any user from seeing the
Test Memberships button in the admin section.
- The reason i'm not in "live mode" i.e. having test memberships always deployed, is that i have everything working right without it running, then i turn it on and everything including admin features all shut down and i have to uninstall membership 2 to get access to stuff again. it's a real mess.
- Perhaps the answer is teaching me how to make the memberships tool do for me in live mode what its doing when not set in live mode? Not sure.

2. I need to figure out how to give level B users access to read the User Activity reports. Right now, the link is there but when i'm logged in as that level of user, all it says is, "nice try" lol. That user needs the reports. I figure it's a setting somewhere but i can't find it.


OK on another note ... The registration page ... I need to be able to customize it. I've read the support tickets on it, it requires hard programming? When will you have this fixed where like other membership tools, I can build my form or ... maybe use the form that my profile builder tool provides instead. That one i like.

Note, I am using profile builder to add the additional user fields I need (ibo#, company name, sponsor name, cell # and main #) and there's a tool that enables me to customize the columns i see in the users page. All of this is needed.


FYI ... I have installed a system that is not yours called WPFront User Roles Editor which is what's managing what admin page menu items the user gets to see/access. Your tool didn't provide this at all, only menu items on the front end.

In the end, what i need to do is lock the site so
1. the pages and menus are viewed only with login
2. the menu links are visible to only logged in users
3. the link to the admin back end is viewable only by level b users
4. the back end has all user features (including user activity report) and the support features available to the level b user but nothing else.

what am i doing wrong or that could be done better to accomplish this?

thank you for your help. I need to sort these couple things so we can launch live and get the money rolling in lol.