User Add New Classified AD Not Showing up in Public?

I'm pretty discouraged as it seems I just can't get any of the plugins working. I get the normal plugins working fine from the plugin free section of the admin, but I've not been able to get hardly any of the plugins from this site working for some reason. This is the first support request I'm putting in and I hope I can figure out what I'm doing wrong.

The classifieds I got halfway there, after hours of trying different things. But, the only way I can set a new ad is to go into my dashboard. Where is the classified entry from the public page? All is set to public and I don't have any other plugins working that would interfere with it.

Is there a tag I have to place somewhere so the user can see the new ad input form? Now, they can go to the classified page and see the ad I placed through my dashboard, but they are unable to enter an ad themselves.

Current version of wordpress.

Thank you for any help.