User and Blog Avatars problem

My own user/blog avatar don't show up
All my test users avatars blog avatars are fine

in Super Admin I set user avatar to my own and see it uploaded

BuddyPress settings default is mystery man which is what's shows for my user avatar. If I change it to Identicon, Wavatar, etc then that is what I see now instead of mysteryman.

In settings/discussion all the six default avatars only show my own uploaded image. The same one six times. Mystery Man, Blank, Gravatar etc. all show my one uyploaded image.
In Settings/Avatar I see my uploaded image

I installed Recent Global Comments and tested a comment and it seems to be working ok with my user avatar but this is the very small one. Of course Avatars plugin already installed.

I created a new blog but I still see mysteryman or whatever is set in buddypress

I also have Post Indexer installed.

error log zero
cache cleared several times