User Availability Not Showing Correctly (i.e., at All)

I currently have five users configured on a site using Appointments+. I have a profile page for each of the users and each user has the following code on his page:

[app_schedule worker="#"]
[app_pagination step="1" month="0"]

Obviously, # is replaced on each page with the corresponding worker number; however, the code is correctly generating an availability schedule for only one worker. All of the other users show no availability.

For example, I have created a page for my test user, here: Here is the code for that page:

[app_schedule worker="748"]
[app_pagination step="1" month="0"]

; the test user is, indeed, worker 748. However, as can be seen from the page, supra, the availability generated would tend to imply that the hours for the test user aren't set (or are set to complete unavailability). This is not the case (see attached screenshot).