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I am creating a community site where I would like all user to have the ability to create their own blogs, and these blogs will be posted to a feed on the home page of the site, with very specific catagories and tags. After searching high and low I found WPMU and saw that some of your buddypress themes had this option, So I downloaded the magazine theme and installed it. On the demo of the theme their is an activity section called blogs and it appears that the blog posts have showed on the front page as I would like, however on my instaled theme this option is not there, could you let me know how to activate this, is it a plugin?do I need to install multi site or can this just be created within buddypress? Thanks

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    Hiya @andrew_dickins,

    First off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Quite a few questions here but let me see if I can break it down for ya.

    Yes. You'll need to activate multisite. No worries, it's pretty simple and you already have everything you need to make it happen. Here's a tutorial to get you started:

    Once you have multisite up and running there are several ways to brings posts from all blogs to your main site.
    Through a plugin:
    Post Indexer - I install this as the first thing on just about every multisite install. It creates a table that indexes all the posts across your site. We can use this at any point down the road in some pretty powerful ways.

    The plugin also works with a variety of other plugins to list the most recent posts. There's plenty of them listed at the link above but this ones a nice one for widget areas:

    You can alternatively show all posts from within the theme. Having Multisite + BuddyPress creates a directory of all blogs. This doesn't sound like it's exactly what you're looking for as you want the posts rather than the blogs. Our Network theme does a pretty good job of doing this:

    One of the reasons I tend to avoid theme-specific solutions is that you're locked into that theme forever. If you decide to change themes you'll lose that functionality. Not terrible if you find a theme you'll love forever, but it's something to think about.

    Now, all that being said, you're still going to run into a difficulty when it comes to displaying specific categories/tags as these aren't dictated across all blogs by default. One way to (sort of) get around this would be to use our New Blog Templates which will allow you to provide default categories to all sites:

    Hope this helps a bit. Let us know if we can assist further.

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