User in Multiple Membership Levels


I've set up my content and memberships so that the content is protected using membership shortcodes (ms-protect-content). The users pay for access to courses and must be able to access multiple different courses provided they have paid for it. We're using the Stripe payment system running in test mode. I have the multiple memberships add-on enabled.

What is happening is that users are able to pay for the first membership, I can see them added to the membership admin-side and they can then access content. Then they can go and pay for the second membership (related to another course), the payment goes through and I can see them being a member of the second membership admin-side. However, when they go back to the post using the protection shortcode it does not recognise them as having that membership.

I believe the problem is related to how function is_member_of (app/rule/shortcode/class-ms-rule-shorcode-model.php, line 254) works - it only seems to see one of the user's memberships.

Please advise on how to solve this. I was assured that Protected Content will support this use case and the project I'm working on depends on it.