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I presume that MarketPress users are the same as regular users or members from the membership plugin.

But is it possible for the login redirect to be to something on the front page rather than the wp-admin back page as used by admin?

Is there a recommended plugin that will enable this? I don’t think the login redirect is appropriate. What is needed IMHO is a login box on the front page that, if a user is an administrator etc, opens the dashboard otherwise if a user is an ordinary user or member at whatever level from the membership plugin, acts appropriately. In the MarketPress context this probably means pre-filling the checkout details.

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    When you go to the Checkout in MarketPress it asks for shipping information and above there is a link:

    Made a purchase here before? Login now to retrieve your saved info »

    If you click on the Login then it will take you to the standard login screen. This is rather messy IMHO – the ordinary user/member needs to stay on the front of the site not go to the back door!

    If you login then it will take you back to the Checkout payment option page rather than the Shipping page so if the shipping informaton is incomplete, you get an error and have to use the back button. When the data is imported, if it is blank the user should be redirected to the shipping page and arguably anyway so they can check it is right.

    I guess that as this user is stored in the same table as the members from teh membership plugin, it will work with the membership plugin as well but it does need to stay on the front of the site.

  • Philip John
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    You could use our rebranding plugins to customise the login form if you like, and there a plenty of other options for customising that out there. It does need to use the standard WP login system though.

    As for the redirect after loginm that appears to be a bug so I’ll ask the developer to get that fixed up n the next version.



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    Hmm. Thanks Phil.

    Presumably this applies also to the Membership plugin which I have installed but not yet got to grips with.

    There is a need IMHO for a front-end plugin. This would check what status the user has and either stay on the front end or open the dashboard for editors, administrators etc.

    The more WP sites can be made to look like fully blown sites, the better and the more trade for WPMU!!

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