User Management

Im looking for a relative simple user management for my blogs. Say about 50 blogs, single installations scattered around at all sorts of hosting companies. Anything like that around?

I already have a pretty simple idea how it could work, so if there is nothing like that around I would need someone to do a little coding for me.

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  • teebeutel
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I need a central user management for about 50 blogs (and growing). Define one blog where the users are managed, create a user there and select the blogs where this user should be created and what role to be asigned. The blogs are scattered around throughout many hosting plans.

    user_sync was an option, but only works for ALL blogs, I cant select blogs per user.

    I was thinking of a database where all the user and user_meta tables are centrally managed as described above and the “slaves” get the corresponding (external) user tables defined in config.php

    Would that make sense?

  • teebeutel
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I’m not that firm in php but I think this could be a pretty straight forward job.

    prefix the tables with domain_tld_user and domain_tld_usermeta, then list the domains with a dropdown box to chose users. The take action button choses to add or delete the selected user.from the selected domains. So only needs to work within the local database and all other blogs would need to define the custom user tables with the corresponding Database connection credentials.

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