User Not Assigned Subscription Level After Payment

Hi. My site is live and not in any kind of test mode. I ran a live transaction today as a "real" customer to ensure the process was working correctly. I selected and paid for the "3-month subscription" level. It prompted me to create an account and took me through successful completion of the payment with 2Checkout. However, when I try to log into the site (as a customer, not an admin) I am not able to access the protected content. When I look at the member info in Membership>All Members, the columns for "Subscription" and "Membership Level" are blank for the account I just created. In other words, the plugin is not assigning the subscription level based on what the user selects and pays for and the plugin is not listing them as a "Member" upon completion of payment. Therefore, the user is not able to access the protected content they paid for.

I have granted support access so you can take a look.