User not logged in after registration completed and doesn't detect user login

I have two issues:

1º When a user completes the registration process and pays for a subscription via Paypal express with single payments, and the user return to my page, is not logged in, I would like that the user is logged in after completing the subscription, is that possible?

2º I am using the Clean Login plugin to have a box on my home page where the users can log in without using the default wordpress login, and I have realised that when I log in on the home page via the Clean Login plugin, although the user can see a page that is set only to subscribers, when I go to my subscriptions page, it appears a message saying that I am not logged in, and a shortcode that has a negative rule for subscribers doesn't work. It looks as if the membership plugin has some problems detecting when a user logs in via the clean login plugin. When I log in via the wordpress default login, in my subscriptions page everything looks good.
Any idea about what can I do?