User Privacy Choices Overridden By MultiSite Privacy Default Setting

Hello Support Team!

I have a multisite installation running and I would like to implement the multisite privacy plugin to allow for some users to restrict access to their site for certain users only. I have been able to do this, but the problem now is on registration using the .../wp-signup.php page, there are options to select what level of privacy you want ranging from fully open -> administrators only. However, no matter what option I select during my test trials, the new site reverted to whatever the default setting was set as on the Network Admin side. How can I get this function to work so that users can safely select their privacy level without it changing the moment they log out.

Note: upon logging out, the site goes to whatever the default setting is, but when you log back in, you can change the privacy level under Settings->Privacy, and that change will stick. But the problem is that it should have been set on registration.