[User Profile and Account plugin] New plugin request

I cannot stand Buddy Press and I really would love a User Profile plugin by WPMUDEV.

My current go-to plugin for this is https://ultimatemember.com

I use them on every site that I need user login/logout and profiles.

I feel if WPMUDEV has their own, there could be so many integrations with your current plugins: Memberships2, MarketPress, Appointments+, Events+, etc.

Almost all these plugins offer their own INDEPENDENT login/profile solutions, but none integrate together.

Ultimate Member current offers a Profile Page and an Account Page.

I would love to see everything that they offer.

The profile should be an optional 'Toggle On' feature for websites that only need an ACCOUNT page for users to manage their account details, such as email and password


Memberships 2:

Show membership status and plans to upgrade, etc.

Memberships 2, MarketPress, Appointments+, Events+:

Shipping/Billing address. Credit Card details connected with chosen payment processors. All connected together.

Memberships 2, MarketPress, Appointments+, Events+:

Show previous orders/payments


Manage/Opt-in/Opt-out of subscriptions

The PROFILE page:

Events+: Show upcoming enrolled events

Appointments+: Show upcoming scheduled appointments

I think you get the idea