User Profiles across Plugins

We are looking at Jobs and Experts, and also at Q&A plugins. It seems each plugin has user profile pages, ratings, and reputation points. If we install both plugins on the same site, how do the different user profiles interact across these plugins?

Please Advise...

  • Rupok

    Hi VirtualArtists, hope you had a wonderful day.

    That totally depends on how you are planning to make them interact. For example, there are basic profile fields like First Name, Last Name etc. If you change any of these, it will be changed on all places. But again there are plugin specific data like rating, Jobs rating and QA rating may not be the same number. So it depends on how you are willing to use these.

    If you can give us specific details, we can give you better idea regarding how this can be done. I'm looking forward to get details from you and resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • VirtualArtists

    Hi : At this point we are not exactly sure, because we do not know what is possible with WPMU.
    Our goal would be to have really nice user profiles (without Buddy Press) - similar to your WPMU user profiles: Including ratings, reputation points, activity, and hopefully custom fields, that type of thing.

    For this project, we are hoping to avoid full blown Buddy Press.
    Which of your Plugins includes the best, and most customizable user profile?

    Please Advise...

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello VirtualArtists,

    I'm afraid that there is not direct integration between those plugins so they will share one profile page with all data from different plugins.
    Each plugin has own profile page adjusted only to plugin functions. They do not share data between them.
    I will require custom coding to have one global profile that will grab all the info from different plugins. Unfortunately this cannot be done with quick snippet code thus writing that solution is beyond scope of the forum support

    Profiles on our website are written from scratch by our developers, so our plugins were not used and we cannot share that code publicly.

    kind regards,

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