User Registration for Free Course with Invitation Code


I am trying to create a registration for a free course, only available to people with an invitation code that they will be given when they purchase a physical product. I want to direct them to a specific registration page only for the membership related to that product. I do not want them to see other available memberships on the registration page – just take them straight to a registration form for the relevant membership.

I also want the registration process to be nice and simple, one page to register and then direct them straight to the membership content – inputting the invitation code on the one-page form. Since it is a free course not requiring payment, there is no purpose to send them to another page just to enter the invitation code.

It seems that there are a lot of people who have posted wanting the same sort of thing but from what I’ve seen on the support forums it’s not available… is this correct? If it is possible to do, can you please provide information for how I am best to implement this?

I was trying to create a custom registration form using another plugin (Registration Magic) and I can use the shortcode [ms-membership-register-user membership_id=”ID”] to register them to the membership, however I cannot work out how I would add the Invitation Code to this…?

Just recapping what I’m hoping to achieve:

1) Unique Registration Form for a Specific Membership only

2) One page registration form with invitation code (free course so no payment required)

3) Take them straight to the membership content after registration.

Thank-you for your help!