User Role Relations... do they correspond to each other?

May I assume that Users and their Roles determined while adding manually new user that they equal to the one defined while setting up a membership level?

If so... I am in trouble as I have different User Roles listed at the wp user level. How would I modify/delete those entries and setting up the same as the one used at protected content?

If those user roles do not relate to each other, how do I combine those various membership level?

Thank you in advance.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Prinz,

    Thanks for the question! I think I might be a little bit confused here.

    Are you using the "Members capabilities" add-on? This allows you to apply a user role to one of your memberships.

    What this means is that when a user signs up for that membership, they will be applied that user role :slight_smile: meaning they will get all the capabilities that come with it.

    Even if they have already signed up, and already have a membership - then you attach a user role to that membership - it will change all users with that membership to the one you just attached.

    How does that sound? Hopefully I'm not misunderstanding the question, if so then just let me know.

    Talk to you soon!


  • Klaus

    Hi Tyler,
    on one hand I understand a tiny little bit about user role... thanks for your explanation, but I guess I'm in trouble by now.

    Found out, that the existing user role within our application are still a relict from s2Member which we had once installed but decided then - they couldn't fix major bugs :slight_frown: - better to use WPMU Membership offer. So much background...

    Obviously previous user role didn't erase when deinstalling/deleting s2m. Though I'm in trouble as we use different concept and user roles better suitable to Protected Content.

    Am wondering now could you please help to deactivate/delete those old entries (anywhere on our server) to avoid upcoming runtime problems of User Registration and/or Protected Content?

    Please let me know your opinion... and if you can help, please request server access.
    Thank you in advance

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