User Subscription Queue problems

I need help. Users are unable to reset password and/ or sign up for sub sites.
I get the following errors.

[Date and ip address were here] [:error] [pid 2460] [client ipaddress] WordPress database error Table 'wp_home.wp_subscriptions_queue' doesn't exist for query SELECT * FROM wp_subscriptions_queue WHERE 1 = 1 AND blog_id = 8 AND sent_status = 0 ORDER BY id ASC, id LIMIT 0, 80 /* From [url was here] in [/nas/wp/www/cluster-41017/home/wp-content/plugins/subscribe-by-email/inc/classes/class-queue-item.php:230] */ made by require('wp-blog-header.php'), require_once('wp-load.php'), require_once('wp-config.php'), require_once('wp-settings.php'), do_action('init'), call_user_func_array, Incsub_Subscribe_By_Email->init_plugin, Incsub_Subscribe_By_Email->maybe_send_pending_emails, incsub_sbe_get_queue_items