User Sync and Theme My Log In – Almost a great combination…

I’m attempting to use User Sync along with Theme My Log in (plugin) to manage a series of connected sites.

The Problem: Theme My Login changes the “Lost Password” location from the standard …/wp-login.php/?action=lostpassword to the new TML created lost password version at …/login/?action=lostpassword (notice the table prefix and .php are gone).

The Result, when a user resets the password at the master site, because of the TML change, the Sync doesn’t fire, and the corresponding sub-sites doe not get updated passwords.

I realize this is a third party issue, but Theme My Login allows the User Sync plugin to work a lot more intuitively because it allows for locking profiles on sub-sites and allows redirection of sub-site password reset links to the master site.

Any ideas?