User Sync - problem with synchronization

Hello All,

This topic for everyone who has problem with sync when activated sub sites.

I will try to help you.

What I did:
I added feature for writing all actions (step by step) in plugin's log file. It's help me understand on which step you had problem.

What are you must do:
1. Select checkbox "Use Debug Mode" on main plugin page before select "Master" or "Subsite".
2. You should activated Debug Mode for both sites - Master and Subsite.
3. Try connect Subsite to Master site.
5. Copy log files /plugins/user-sync/log/error.log from Master site and Sub site, then rename them to "sitedomain.log"
6. Send links for download these files from the contact form on page - with mark in subject [for Andrey]
7. Wait my response.

ATTENTION: Please, don't attached these files or links on them in this topic, these files may contain PRIVATE information!!!