user synchronisation – central user database


using user synchronisation as the basis and assuming custom development:

i want to collect users from various sites in a central user database.

can one site have multiple master sites with this plugin?

could this be done by customizing it? where to start? how would you do this?

could the synchronization process compare user data and update sub-site’s profile only when needed?

how does it determine a user exists already? by email?

does a new user that is created by user synchronisation trigger the same actions as if the user signed up via registration form? e.g. would a newsletter plugin trigger and add user as if the user manually signed up?

two way synchronisation has been asked for in the forum for at least two years. i’d hope you can give us a heads up for where to start customizing… even if it’s just creating a copy of the plugin and enabling multiple parent sites. that would come close to a solution by itself :slight_smile:

thank you!