User Synchronisation Plugin Issues

Hi Guys,

I am having trouble syncing users between a live and staging site (must have all users correctly sync'd for dev purposes).

The problem I face is that when I sync the users, I am ended up with an incomplete set of information being sync'd across. I am using the plugin in conjunction with S2Member Pro to maintain membership between two sites on different installs (yes, multisite would have been easier in hindsight, but it's too hard now).

I am able to get all the users to sync, however membership levels, user roles, and paid subscriber ID's do not appear to be sync'ing the correctly. I have followed the advice in this thread:

and updated my table prefix to help improve things (which it has), but I really need to know how to get this additional information for each user across.

The is a bit of information on user roles and how they work here: - I am only using two levels (Subscriber, and S2Member_Level_1)

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: