User to to be able select longer periods than minimum set in calendar

Hi All,

I'm currently using my in-house private server for developing and testing this particular site, so unfortunately am unable to give an accessible url.

However, my question is quite basic and should be clear enough for a response.

What I am attempting to achieve is using Appointments + to run a booking service for a Hot-Desk rental service. The parameters I have to work to are as follows.

10 individual desks, each with a minimum 1 hour rental period and available for renting any length of time between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

I have successfully set up an appointments page and figured out that I will have to use 10 Service Providers, one for each of the desks - HotDesk1, HotDesk2 … etc. Only one Service is really required and could be named something like Bookings and associated with all of the Service Providers.

Up to that point this setup works ok but, the one very big problem I have is that if a customer wants to book a period of more than 1 hour, say for 3 hours or a full day of 10 hours or a full week it seems impossible to do that by clicking on the daily calendar created with my setting of minimum of one hour segments.

Any suggestions as to how I can overcome this serious limitation would be very much appreciated. Especially one that does not include creating literally hundreds of potential Service Providers and calendars, which is a definite no no and would not be contemplated.

Many thanks in advance.