Users Can Not Create New Blogs

Running a Multisite with BuddyPress 1.2.7 on WP 3.0.5

Plugins Activated on Main Site: Anti-Splog 1.0.5, AutoBlog 3.3, Automessage 2.0.2, BackWPup 1.4.1, BuddyPress 1.2.7, Easy Blogging 1.1.2, Easy Blogging Quick Start Guide 1.0.1, Easy Bloggin gTooltips 1.1, Fast Secure Contact Form, Google Analytics 1.1.5, MarketPress 1.1.8, New Blog Templates 1.2.2, Popover 3.0, Remove WP Dashboard Widgets 1.0.3, WPMYU Dev Update Notifications 2.0.1, Supporter 2.2.7

When I upgraded to Membership 1.1 beta I get WSOD so I'm back on Membership 1.0.5.

Users have reported that they can not create new blogs. I tried creating a test account and when I go to and submit the form I get this error message: There was a problem, please correct the form below and try again.

I tried promoting my test account from subscriber, to contributor, to author, to editor, to administrator and still no luck.

In Membership plugin, have rule for this level that they can create unlimited blogs.

You are welcome to try to replicate this by creating a test account at If you do, please create a free Artist account so get the Membership level that has permission to create blogs (or in my case, create sites).

Haven't had much sleep in about three weeks so apologies in advance if the solution is obvious or this is user error or something equally mundane.......