Users can only login/logout from the home page...Why is there no widget for this?

I'm using the Edu Clean theme. It comes with a cool little login/logoff module that is built in to one of the sidebar areas, which only appears when you are on the home page.

Which means that if a user is logged in, and they want to log off, and they're anywhere but on the home page, they have to start playing a guessing game about where that log off button is.

Another issue is that this module is not a widget that I can easily add to the other sidebars. It's hardcoded to only appear on one particular sidebar which is hardcoded to show up on the home page.

What's the best way to put this handy little module in whatever sidebar I please? I know I can use the standard WP "Meta" widget, but it's so not as cool as the BP meta module.