Users can select all pages after latest update


when creating/editing a post a (regular) user can now select which facebook page they want to publish to, while before the update it would use the settings I as an administrator had set. This is a major issue because users should only be able to publish to 1 specific page which belongs to their specific blog and should not have any freedom of choice.

Also, I've setup autoposting and by default when I create a new post, the "Post this to facebook" checkbox is off, is that supposed to be the case? I think it is quite confusing.

Preferably I would like to set link the blogs and facebook pages and set the autopost settings and then users can only decide of they want to turn off autoposting. Except for the last part, this is how it used to work up until the latest update. Please fix this asap because with the current situation there's a risk of people posting to the wrong facebook page, or not posting to facebook at all. Both are not acceptable.

I look forward to your reply!