Users Cannot Access Affiliate Settings


My users can see the Affiliate tab in their back area but they cannot access it - they get an error message - see screenshot.

I do not see any settings in the admin area that could be causing this or that could resolve it.

I'm not running a MU site, just a regular WP instal. My theme is ProfitsTheme.

Thanks for the help.


  • jordangm

    Hi Arun,

    The users are all Subscribers.

    No, I'm not going to change my Theme around, for risk of screwing something up. I've done that before and it hasn't worked out well a time or two - can't risk that with this site.

    This plugin must not be compatible with other non WPMU Dev Themes. It will be easier for me to find another solution, most likely, than deal with this. I don't even see an Admin Panel where I can adjust payout settings or anything.

    If you think it can't be fixed easily somehow please let me know.


  • aecnu

    Greetings Jordan and Arun,

    The Profit theme that is being referred to if it is in fact one in the same which I am trying to determine, is produced by an internet marketer named Welly Mulia and whom developed the proprietary theme to specifically be used to the means he describes, here is just a brief of the problems that have been addressed regarding this very theme:

    - Fix image path issue
    - Fix video screenshot path issue in Fake Video player
    - Fix bug in read more link display
    - Fix video player path when using Flowplayer
    - Fix minor bug in Clickbank Instant Payment Notification
    - Improve PT compatibility with WordPress 3.3.1 by replacing deprecated WordPress functions

    - Fix minor bug in media box slideshow
    - Fix some minor bugs in landing page template
    - Fix some minor bugs in membership templates
    - Fix broken cache folder in TimThumb
    - Tighten up security in PT, including TimThumb

    - Fix bug in featured module & content list in membership home template
    - Update timthumb script to the latest version (from 2.5 to 2.8)
    - Fix broken images/thumbnails

    - Replace all deprecated WP functions used in PT
    - Fix minor bug in "featured video" media box
    - Fix undefined variables, offset and index
    - Fix error on saving bug in metabox
    - Fix display issue in the dynamic image resizer script

    - Fix minor bugs in comment script.
    - Fix minor bug in page generator when generating landing pages.
    - Fix site layout option bug in IE.
    - Fix email validation script in Registration + Optin Form element.
    - Update timthumb script (dynamic thumbnail generator) to version 2.5, and fix security hole.

    - Fix 'layout breaking' bug in landing pages
    - Fix dialog bug in 'PT Landing Page Layout Settings'
    - Fix missing elements bug in 'PT Landing Page Layout Settings'
    - Fix duplicated elements bug in 'PT Landing Page Layout Settings'
    - Fix incompatibility between PT and JW Player For Wordpress Plugin
    - Fix bug in (javascript for "Featured Posts Slideshow")
    - Fix payment integration with Paypal for product with free trial
    - Fix email address bug in generated legal pages
    - Fix minor bug in Launch Funnel feature
    - Fix minor bug in PT SEO
    - Fix bug in PT Tabs Lists widget
    - Fix autoresponder bug in post optin
    - Fix css bug in landing pages
    - Fix bug in content listing in membership home page
    - Fix bug in content listing pagination in membership module page
    - Update facebook comments and like button integration code
    - More currencies added in "Membership -> Products/Levels"

    - Fix membership compatibility issue with Wishlist and DAP
    - Fix membership protection bug
    - Fix bug when showing a text title in membership site
    - Fix bug the PT SEO
    - Fix bug in media box
    - Fix bug in archive page template
    - Fix heading spacing (line-height) in testimonial box
    - Fix blog pagination position for 2 or 3 columns layout
    - Update Cufon script for IE9
    - Add new functionality to execute Clickbank IPN for test purchase
    - Add new option to modify posts excerpt length

    - Fix bug in membership protection
    - Fix bug in the thank you email template
    - Fix broken buttons in optin form
    - Fix css files for default and wider skins
    - Remove border from images within the post contents
    - Change the default font for the "Custom Text Optin Button" in landing page
    - Some Buttons and badges are re-added to the WP visual editor

    - New Feature: Create One-Time Or Evergreen Product Launch
    - New Feature: Automatic Launch Funnel
    - New Feature: Integrate custom minisite design with PT landing page
    - New landing page elements added
    - New and improved Membership Features
    - New Feature: Add unlimited products or membership levels
    - New Feature: Create Free Membership Site
    - New Feature: Automatically add/subscribe members to your list in Aweber, GetResponse, or Mailchimp
    - New Feature: Protect both posts and pages (old version of PT can only protect membership pages using PT - Membership template).
    - New Feature: Custom editor to modify blog css on the fly (for advanced users only)
    - New Feature: Support HTML5 video player
    - New Feature: Can add your own custom favicon
    - Fix bug when saving page in Chrome
    - Fix javascript bugs in IE7 and IE8
    - Fix membership pagination bug
    - Fix bug in Facebook Comments
    - Fix conflict with WP Pagenavi plugin
    - Fix some minor bugs from previous version
    - Seperate PT Graphics from main PT installation package so PT have smaller size

    Now we have a complete insight into what we may be dealing with.

    Is this in fact the theme that we are trying to work with?

    This plugin must not be compatible with other non WPMU Dev Themes.

    Nice try - swapping to the default theme has nothing to do with WPMU Dev themes - and this conclusion about not being compatible with other non WPMU Dev Themes is based on testing with how many themes?

    Are we in fact talking about the exact same theme?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • aecnu

    Greetings Jordan,

    Am I correct to conclude that WPMU Plugins (or at least the Affiliates plugin) are not compatible with this Profits Theme WP theme?

    I do not think it is an issue that the affiliates plugin is incompatible with Profit Themes, it would be more accurate to describe the issue is that it is not integrated with Profit Theme.

    It is currently integrated with Pro Sites and a few other plugins here but that is all the integration that has been done to date.

    Unfortunately Affiliate plugin needs specific integration to work, so even if using Profit Themes for example but running Pro Sites, it should work for Pro Sites when it is activated and keep track without incident.

    I hope this clarifies that the Affiliate plugin needs to be integrated into any product that it is to be used with. I do not think Welly Mulia has done this to the best of my knowledge.

    Maybe he might be interested in integrating this into his Profit Themes product, maybe one of us should ask him.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Member!

    Cheers, Joe

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