Users cannot see any blogs in the blogs directory

Users are having a problem seeing the BLOGS directory listings. After some troubleshooting I think I had found what may have been the problem but not really.

I used poedit to change many "blogs" instances to sites. Then I realized that the BLOGS slug was still named BLOGS until I renamed it in wp-config to define ( 'BP_BLOGS_SLUG', 'sites' ); This works perfectly otherwise but users still cannot see the sites listed in the BLOGS directory.

Just fyi, In membership level for BuddyPress pages it is also correct. It says "sites" instead of "blogs" and checked in positive rules .

Also, just in case you may ask, Super Admin/Blog Privacy Settings is set to "Only allow logged in users to see all blogs." Even when set to "Allow all visitors to all blogs" I still have the problem.

I went ahead and Updated All Blogs with the default privacy setting to be sure that wasn't the problem..

btw admin can see all blogs just fine. Wonder if something can stuck in the database? All I did there was optimize all tables.

Can anyone help with this?