Users Create Feeds on Front End in Widget form?

Hey Guys!

Was pondering about the ability for multisite users/admins to be able to “Bookmark” or “follow” other blogs in the network.

I thought a great way to do this would be to allow users the abilities to create “Feeds” from the Front end using URL’s of the other blogs in the network

Similar to that of the Dashboard feed plugin you guys have but it would be for each user to configure themselves and would located in the front end (Since I removed all access to backend)

is there anything like this that exists out there? I would be surprised if there isn’t! It would be similar to the idea of following blogs on Tumblr with the ability to see posts from all those you follow. Thanks!

  • Mike Price
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hmm thanks so much. this plugin might do very well for now. What I wanted would be more complex and probably doesn’t exist yet. But say there was a page on every blog in the network (thanks to new blog templates) that allows users to paste in a URL to a feed from anywhere else on the network

    This would then auto populate all posts from those network feeds on this page.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    i’m not sure with you blocking access to the dashboard, but for admins, maybe you could lift that restriction, and use our autoblog plugin, then use the adminimize plugin to restrict all other dashboard/admin pages except for autoblog?

    however that still might not be a viable solution. just thinking out of the box.

  • Mike Price
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Thanks! That is very interesting but im doing it because its an Adult Network and I bought a $200 plugin called WP User FrontEnd Pro that works magical wonders for admins. I dont want it to seem or feel like wordpress in any way.

    In other words im not going after “bloggers” but rather people that can sign up and create a “Photo album” right from the front end. By the way I tried playing with autoblog but it didnt work because it didnt carry the images over to the blog (only the post text) I heard I had to make some hack but couldnt make heads or tails of it since my theme definitely already supports thumbnails as it is a photo theme

    But anyway that is some of the reasoning behind blocking admin access….but if dashoard feeds plugin allowed it to be configured by admins on a site by site basis i was seriously considering doing that and blocking all other menus in dashboard.

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