Users Getting free access, literally, by not paying

I am using Gravity Forms and their User Registration add-on to channel users into either a free or premium level of membership.

The free level (Reader) does not have a blog, nor any group creation rights in the network. They just get to experience it like they would any other social network.

The Premium level (Author) can either have a limited website or a full website, and both levels have group creation rights.

An Author would fill out the Author registration form, hit submit (which registers them into the system while taking them to the Pro-Sites payment gateway), and then NOT PAY at the checkout. They just ditch at the payment gateway. But, and here is the problem, they still get group creation access! Their site isn't active until they pay, but they do have group creation access. When I go to check the status of their site in Pro-Sites, it says "Manage" instead of a level.

It is causing crazy problems right now convincing these members that they do, indeed, have to pay.

Is there a better workflow I can set up? Can I use Gravity forms NOT as a registration form but just as a way to pre-fill information for Pro-Sites? Or perhaps, just use GF as a sorting method and then forward users to another gateway -- a Pro-Sites gateway -- that ensures they pay for access before registration is completed?

I can not allow users to have group creation access without payment -- this goes not only for registration, but also for re-up in a year's time. If their account is not paid/active, I don't want them to be creating groups.

I have no free level for Pro-Sites set up.

I know Membership has a similar function to this, but it is nowhere near as good as ProSites in terms of payment, upgrades, and workflow. If we can close this loophole, the system would be perfect.

Thanks, guys. Appreciate any help you can provide.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    Can you try enabling the pay to blog add on for pro-sites in network dashboard > pro-sites > addo ons.

    I have never used gravity forms so i don't know if it's compatible or not, the pay to blog should solve that though, but let me just ask the developer for some clarification on this, he might know a bit more how gravity forms works than I do.

    A also note you are using an old version of pro-sites, could you possibly update to the latest release, i can't guarantee it will solve this issue, but it's recommended to keep up to date.

    Hope this helps

  • jetmac
    • Recruit

    Pay to blog is installed and active. Like I said, the blogs are locked down -- it's group creation that is enabled.

    It seems that there is a loophole -- if you created a site, you must be a Pro-Site user, so you get to create groups. The Pro-Sites plugin does not allocate group creation to a Pro-Site level. It also doesn't seem to care (at least initially) if your account is paid or not.

    There has to be a way to beat this...

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    I'm assuming you are relying on the BuddyPress module in pro sites. Note that this module is a bit hacky because it has to rely on "is_pro_user()" function.

    Pro sites is a blog status, not a user status. So to do something hacky like adjust buddypress permissions, here is how we determine it:

    Look at all the blogs that the given user has a role on, then if any of those blogs are a pro site, they are a pro user.

    I'm guessing in your case with Gravity forms that users are being given a role on another site which is a pro site, so they are officially pro users and can create groups, regardless of the status of the new blog they created.

    If someone registers for a new site via the normal route, and don't upgrade, are they able to create groups? Might want to confirm that to be sure this is the issue.

  • jetmac
    • Recruit

    I am relying on the Buddypress module in Pro Site.

    That may be true, as several have roles on other sites -- but many of those are at the Reader level and they don't have the aiblity to create groups (I wasn't able to in my testing, and given that several Reader level members ahve asked abotu creating groups, they can't either). The only group creation activity I see is from those who processed the author application and created a site.

    Again, I don't mind sending Author level members to another registration gateway -- they can click "Yes" that they understand its a premium service and then be diverted to a registration form -- I just don't see how I can set that up without opening myself up to a ton of spam (which is the reason for closing it down).

    I have "Registration is Disabled" selected, so they only way people can register for the site is via the Gravity Forms User Registration form.

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    You're gonna have to look at the capabilities of one of those users who it's not protecting. This query will help, assuming your db prefix is wp_:
    SELECT * FROMwp_usermetaWHEREuser_id= 1 ANDmeta_keyLIKE 'wp_%_capabilities'

    That will give a list of blog ids they are a member of.

  • jetmac
    • Recruit

    Those people who are members of other sites have the role of "Participant" and none of those can create groups (at least they haven't yet, i couldn't, and several has asked for the ability, so I think we're good there).

    Those who have demonstrated an ability to create a group without paying are "Administrators" of a site they registrered for (via Gravity Forms User registration form) but have not yet enabled.

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