User's management of chat facility

In the site link to chat plug in installation, wpmudev says “In any post or page, use the chat icon to embed a shortcode for your own chat!”

Does it mean that you may start a fresh new chat Of YOUR OWN from anywhere in the site?

My question has to do with chat plug in capabilities, which are not clear to me when I open the bottom right hand side window and ask me to “place code in between tags”

May I as a regular site member create chats on my own, and If this is the case, how do I go about? If there is a need to embed a shortcode to start a chat how is this done?

With regard to chats I may initiate, Can I target it to chat with someone in particular, or is it open to all site members for participation or to specific people I may be able to choose?

If this is the case, how is it that I, as a regular site member may be able to manipulate or manage such alternatives?