Users PayPal recurring payments not being canceled when they unsubscribe on the site

Members of the site who choose to subscribe to our service have 14 days of a trial period. Once the 14 days is over they are charged a fee for the service every 7 days. This function works fine. It is when they try to unsubscribe via the "unsubscribe" button (generated from the WPMUDEV Membership plugin), that their PayPal recurring payments are not canceled, in turn, nor is it canceled on my merchant PayPal account. After complaints I've had to manually cancel these payments and issue refunds. This inherently should work. Users shouldn't be required to file a complaint and/or separately go to PayPal to manage this subscription service. Not for what it costs for this plugin. Why is this not working? I've downloaded the newest update to the plugin and still doesn't seem to work. I'm assuming that even if the user unsubscribes with-in the 14 trial period that it would still immediately cancel their recurring payment from PayPal. Is that fair to assume? With a test user account, I've attempted this and it didn't do the cancelation. Does it have to wait until the 14 trial is up and it will not charge the account? That doesn't appear to be the case when looking a recurring payments dashboard on PayPal.
I've found this link in the support forums: . I went through and tried the IPN set-up but that didn't work. Then at the bottom it says it was taken care of with an update. That was over a year ago. I've done all new updates to the Membership Plugin.
How can I get this to work correctly?