Users unable to view topics which they are permited


I have a problem. I am using eStore theme from Elegant themes and it has a featured slider where users can view pictures which rotates to another one every few seconds.

The Featured slider works by simply categorizing the post under Featured Slider.

However, even though I have permitted the Strangers to view the category “Featured Slider” in Edit Level, the images from the Featured Sliders are not appearing on the Home Page featured slider. Instead, images from post not under features sliders are now showing up there.

Also, I have permitted Strangers to view the Menu bars by checking every item there. However, they are not appearing there either.

More Information

Here’s a link to my site. I have Enabled the “Membership plugin” so you can get a feel of what is wrong there.

Here are a list of plugins I have:

1) Gravity Forms (have included the WPMU shortcode into Membership)

2) BuddyPress + BuddyPress Template Pack

I have uploaded some screen shots for you to view in the following post.

Will appreciate any help/advice!

Thanks so much!