Users wiki editions get published automatically without revision.


so, here is my problem:

I want logged-in users to be able to edit a wiki post, but this edition should not be published until a moderador approves it.

I can manage to make this work using “regular” WP-posts and the Revisionary plug-in, which creates a user role called “Revisor”. That works perfectly. But I can’t get it to work with the Wiki-posts.

I only find myself able to define two “Wiki user types”: those who can edit EVERYTHING on the post (meaning even tags and future editing options) and get their changes published automatically, and those who can’t edit anything at all.

I would love to have some help from you, since this awakes a very big concern for me regarding spam.

I have to mention that I also used the “User Role Editor” plug-in, and tried and unchecked the “publish wiki pages” option for my normal users, but when I review the capabilities for a user of that group, the box weirdly remains checked and also locked (light gray color) so I can’t change it.

I hope I gave you enough information for you to be able to help me on this topic. If you need any other info, I’ll gladly provide it in a matter of minutes, since this is a high priority bug to fix for me… and I should do so asap.

Thanks again!