Users with specific Roles, Online Now

I think for certain types of websites, a plugin which displays a list of users who are currently Online would be great, but the really great part is to only display a list of users from Admin Specified ROLES.

So people with the role of "Contributor" or which ever, would appear online, in a widget, or a thumbnailed list.

For me I have people helping out on my website by answering questions, so they have specific roles they essentially work for me, id like my regular members to see when they are online


  • mrmikeman
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    lol on the dead ones thats for sure, but then again, that just means that same plugin should have an option to add Ghost Users, so if less than "x" number of people are NOT online, then add "X" number of ghost users to the list. its a bit sneaky sure but if it calls for more traffic and then more people to "actually" be online, then its well worth it :-p

    put really important that theres an option to show only users who are a specific user Role, like to list only Admins who are online, and, or Only Contributors right,, because my q&a site will have moderators and people who are answering questions as a Professional who I assign specific roles, and letting me regular viewrs see that there are Professionals online right now will make them feel more likely to get an answer sooner :smiley: thanks for the points!

  • Chris
    • The Bug Hunter

    Don't love the sneakiness, but can't deny it would be useful.

    That said, if you wanted to be sneaky, you could just set up a bit of php to generate a random number between certain parameters.

    The live truthful plugin would be cool, specially with the different roles in it.

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