Using a PHP custom dashboard on WP

Hey guys. I am currently developing a multisite platform using some of the plug-ins available in order to let people set up their own website for a monthly fee.

I love WordPress, but for this kind of thing I think it is important to disguise the fact you are using WordPress where possible so that it looks like a totally custom setup.

Anyway, I have installed and am using the Easy Blogging plug-in which simplifies the admin area nicely and I have also added some custom dashboard widgets and the likes.

However, I keep seeing a lot of html/php admin dashboards available whichlook VERY nice and are totally customised to suite. Most are built on Bootstrap. But they are designed to be used with general custom built html/php sites.

Does anyone know if these can be used to with the WP admin back-end to use instead of the standard one?

Here is an example of what I am talking about…

Thanks for any input.