Using a possible mix of Affiliates, ProSites, Members and Directory

I have created a Multi Site and would like to create a Business Directory Reseller/Affiliate Site.

I've attached a file for a visual.

The Reseller/Affiliates (Agents) to be the sales force and attract Business/Providers (P) to pay to post their business. Then attract Members (M) to pay to join.


When the Reseller (Agents) get paid, from the Providers(P) and Members(M), I will receive a designated a mount from the payment received from Providers (P) and Members (M).


Providers (P) will be able login to access and modify their information. (Custom Fields will be needed i.e. AGE, CATEGORY)

Members (M) will be able to login to access their account profile and SEARCH ACROSS THE ENTIRE NETWORK OF PROVIDERS.


I would like to have some Custom Fields in the Members Profile to be used as an auto search. Like Age and Category.

These same fields would be in the Providers Profile as well.

Kind of Cross referencing the two to find a more exact match.

While viewing the results have a default zip code radius, that is adjustable, to sort from closest to farthest.

I was told via pre-sale emails that I was able to do most of this with the plugins available. Any help with direction and how to would be greatly appreciated.