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Hi guys..

I´m a rookie in wp, however have manage to install wp multisite, the dashboard, download and install themes and plug ins and even configure the pro site. Now I´m ready I thought, but when choosing a theme I think I´m lost, I mean can create a page, work with widgets, play with colors etc, but when trying to setup a pro web site, I feel so powerless, is there any video that shows step by step how to create it? (I´ve searched in your videos, youtube etc but nothing) I looking for something like this

  • Patrick

    Hi there @raulcabrerar

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    Here's our 11-part video tutorial series on Pro Sites:

    However, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you're looking more for guidance on what type of theme to choose, how to present and layout your content, etc.

    but when trying to setup a pro web site, I feel so powerless

    If that's the case, then it's important to first write down clearly what are the main things you want to convey to your readers and how you want to convey that information, what solutions you are offering them, etc.

    That will help you to decide what kind of theme to look for: corporate style, magazine, portfolio, directory, fun & happy, social network, etc.

    Most all WordPress themes these days come with extensive options panels giving you all sorts of layout & design possibilities. You can help yourself get familiar with some of these possibilities by installing and playing with a bunch of free themes from the WordPress theme repository:

    Go right ahead and install a dozen of 'em and just enable them to see how they look with whatever content you already have on your site. Take some time and play with them. You may even stumble upon one that fits the bill right off the bat. :slight_smile:

    You may want to check out our blog for some ideas & inspiration too:

  • raulcabrerar

    hi there Patrick

    Let me tell you I have already followed the pro sites videos and they were very useful,

    Thanks for your advice, However I think would be great to have some videos that show step by step how to create a website using a specific theme, otherwise people like me would struggle setting up a web site as soon as we need it, despite having gone trough a complete business development process, and the ROI from paying a pro account from you would be more than valuable.


  • rosh

    Hello raulcabrerar,
    Hope you're fine.

    I would advice you to search for a theme online and get it installed. Just google about the type of website you're looking for, just like Patrick said, and you'll have tons of options. It is almost impossible to write an universal guide on setting up wordpress as each theme behaves differently and has different features.

    The best thing for you to do would be to get a theme and troubleshoot with the theme's developer rather than posting it here. If you have the money, you can by some stunning theme from popular websites like Themeforest where the support is usually of premium quality too.

    Hope that helps!

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