Using Additional Tags Plugin to insert forms in Text Widget


im trying to use the addtional tags plugin to allow users to paste code for signup forms for various newsletter services, in the text widget. i have tried entering 'input' and 'input type' into the code, but clearly im missing something because it isnt working. its stripping out the form fields and input buttons. id really appreciate any advice. thanks.

  • laureenc
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    I understand, i mean, it seems like using this plugin at all is a security risk. however, one of the most important features of the site im building is giving users the ability to create opt-in forms that integrate with their newsletter services (constant contact, mailchimp, etc.) Ive preinstalled a bunch of the plugins for these services, but i cant predict which services they will be using, so i cant see a better way. im not sure how i would use cforms to do this either since im more of a front end designer than a plugin developer, which is why im a member of this site :slight_smile:

  • Mason
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    If we're going for broke as far as 'caution to the wind security' you could also use this:

    I'd definitely recommend our additional tags plugin over this though. I'm not sure about the 'input' code though. Is that the only one needed to add for the forms code you're trying to use?

    drmike's solutions is really best. Also, there are plugins to create forms with each of those services: mailchimp, constantcontact, icontact all have plugins to easily embed forms. That'd be a much safer approach.


  • laureenc
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    Im really not looking to go for broke as far as security, im just trying to find the best solution for this. I did preinstall a bunch of those prebuilt plugins, but the way i look at it, theres just not a plugin for every single service. And for instance, the mailchimp plugin breaks my entire site.

    And yes, it seems to be just the input tags its stripping. For instance, in mailchimp forms, any line that starts <input type gets stripped out. I am just trying to figure out how to keep those lines in.

    Thanks, and happy holidays!

  • drmike
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    I am just trying to figure out how to keep those lines in.

    I'm afraid you're missing the point of what we're telling you. Allowing the forms and input tags is a security risk.

    Your best bet is to use one of the form builder plugins that either provide a shortcode for you to use or builds the forms in some other manner. To allow endusers the ability to add in forms directly is not the way to go if security is a priority.

    As to the mailchimp plugin, I don;t see a thread where you list the problems you're having. Can you please start one where you walk us through how you installed it and what the specific errors you are receiving?

  • laureenc
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    I do understand, but i guess what i dont understand is how i would use a form builder program to solve my problem. Im probably missing something. I mean, im not sure i can expect users to figure out what the fields would need to be named for their individual newsletter service, or how to specify the form action. or how to pass along possible hidden fields -- which i assume they would have to do?

    I didnt bother posting the mailchimp thing. I wasnt referring to the mailchimp plugin from this understanding is that is more of an integration between mailchimp/wordpress users....i was trying to install the standard mailchimp signup plugin. as soon as i did, the whole site stopped working, and i had to go in through cpanel to delete it. i guess it didnt seem that important to me at the time, since I know i could never cover all the necessary services anyway...some people may be using services that dont even have wordpress plugins.

    Im looking at something like this: and wondering if it might solve my problem (though im a little skeptical). If however, I can accomplish this with cforms, or contact form 7 or gravity forms, that would be even better.

  • laureenc
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    Thanks. Im wondering though, how i would use that to allow my users to create the signup forms for their newsletters. I know they have gravity form extensions for a few like mailchimp, but my main concern is people who are using optins from less popular services. Is there a way with gravity forms of doing this that you can think of? I really like the idea of using a form plugin, i just dont know that i have the experience to understand how this help me acheive what im going for. I found this other plugin -- maxblog press optin form adder -- that would almost work except its giving me an SQL error, and its cobranded with no premium version i can find.

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