Using Appointments+ For Limited Day and Session Scenarios

I am trying to figure out how to use Appointments+ for limited photo events. What we want to do is offer a shooting day at a particular studio with limited sessions on the day of the event. For instance, we have a shooting on the 15th of the month at a particular studio. There are six sessions/appointments available on that day. We want to allow potential customers to book a session/slot on a first-come basis.
We want to have about 2 events like this per month, with the ability to showcase each event separately on our home page. We are planning to use the Fixer theme…

Functionality we need:
- Show a single day of appointment slots (We will only do events once or twice per month with about 5-10 appointments per event)
- Have the user select a slot, complete a form and submit it
- We will manually confirm the appointment
- We would like to send a confirmation email via Mailchimp after the appointment is confirmed in the system. Later we want this to be automated if possible.
- We would like this to be on our homepage and like to be able to show 2 events available as different blocks on the page (1 event on the 15th of the month, and 1 on the 30th at different locations, available appointment times and such).

- 5 to 10 slots, or buttons, with "Available/Book Now" or "Unavailable/Booked" labels
- User form with submission button
- Confirmation message after submission

User Flow
- Select a time slot for an available session
- Enter the required information in the form (name, email, phone, notes)
- Submit the form with the selected time slot and required information
- Show a confirmation message on the screen (Your request has been sent. You will receive a confirmation via email soon.)
- User checks email for confirmation

Is this possible? If so, what steps do I need to take to achieve this?