Using Appointments+ to rent equipment

I am wanting to adapt the Appointments+ plugin to be used to hire equipment on a multi-user site.

I need it to:

Automatically generate a unique booking calender every time a new product is created on the site (could be from multiple users, or new users).

Display this calender on the single product page so that people can book that unique product, and view any days it is unavailable.

Link the paypal payment to whichever unique user created the product.

Has anybody got any suggestions how best to go about this - I'm really stuck!!

Best Wishes,


  • faydra_deon

    Hello, @Jennifer:

    I don't think you can automatically generate the booking calendar every time a new product is created, since so much of getting the book calendar depends on setting of services and service providers.

    I was thinking maybe you could change the wording from "Service Provider" to "Product," and then try to work with the functionality that way, but this still may not get you to where you're trying to go with the automated process.

    I'm sure a Staff person will be along any moment now to give you better insight on this.


  • Alexander

    Hi @Jennifer,

    Unfortunately there isn't a way to do what you're describing without some custom development.

    You could start by setting up your products with MarketPress. Then you could place the Appointments+ shortcodes on each product page. For each product, could could specify IDs for the service and service provider. For example:

    [app_monthly_schedule service="1" worker="1"]

    This shortcode would create a calendar with the service and provider predetermined - this way users won't need to select them.

    The challenge would be automation. There really isn't a way to do this automatically. You'd need to create a new service each time you add a product.

    With custom development you could streamline this by adding some code to optimize the process. We don't offer custom development, but if you need to hire a developer you can checkout our job boards:

    Hopefully this helps and gives you some ideas! Let me know what your thoughts are here, and if you need anything else.

    Best regards,

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