Using Autoblog on a site running the JobPress free wordpress theme…

I’m trying to setup an autoblog for job listings using the JobPress theme and your autoblog plugin…. Problem is that I can’t get it to assign the correct data to the custom post type (job). It will pull the feed, with the blurb from the site and the link to the original listing on the originating site, but it makes the post title as it displays on the main page, a direct link to the original site, which of course is no good because nobody reads anything on my site, except the titles, then they are sent away. It also doesn’t give JobPress the rest of the info it needs for the type of job listing, nor can I see any way other than to manually edit each post, to make it work and display correctly…. Any ideas? Or anyone have a wpmudev based child theme made for the purpose of a job board site?

  • Tom Eagles
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    @xind i had a look at that one when i was thinking about what to do for my job board but wasnt too impressed with it, so i personally went with jobroller and havent regretted it since, really simple integration with major jobs databases.

    They look close in style but jobroller was much easir to do things with and more powerfull.

    here’s mine in action, pulling in jobs from external sources and my own listsings etc.

  • xInd
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    Hey tom.eagles,

    Thank you very much for your reply. I was slowly coming to the conclusion I just needed to use a different theme… I guess you’re probably right, I didn’t see any others that looked any better really, but this option would only really be feasible for me right now if I had and extra $350 for the full access developer license, or even the $160 for just the one theme developer license… I need to finish setting up a batch of job board sites and already used up my budget for them. Wish they had a time limited trial or something so I could just get all the work done then pull my head out of the dev sand and figure out the money part. Money always comes easy after you get the work done, but stopping in the middle of the dev phase to requisition more funds is messy business.

  • xInd
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    Yeah, thanks aecnu – Just going to use manual methods until I have JobRoller going on them. I suppose you could pass the suggestion on to build a theme, or perhaps a plugin or something for this same purpose, I’m sure we’re not the only ones who will be setting up such sites, and in theory you could use it for other more specific things, like replacing a help wanted classifieds section with a more robust option.


  • xInd
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    Just in case others come across this issue… I thought I was doomed to reinstall my sites due to some overlooked mistake I made, as I could not get the JobRoller admin menu to appear in the wordpress dashboard. Turned out, that when the WPMUDEV dashboard is active, it overpowers the JobRoller theme’s menu. JobRoller was still showing the other menu tabs for jobs and resumes, but not it’s main settings tab, you might not have run into this problem, since the wpmudev dashboard is generally only activated while installing and updating stuff.

  • xInd
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    Hey Tom! Not too bad. Having some trouble getting it to display the _exact_ listings I want, seems to have trouble with some specific cities, particularly in the UK, but so far so good. Been reading and testing. There were lots of conflicts with plugins I already had installed from here (wpmudev) and on 2 of my sites it seems to have taken over the wordpress admin login page and locked me out of the dashboard…

    However, I’m sure if I had started from scratch with the JobRoller theme, or deactivated _everything_ first… it would have worked a lot better… which, I should have thought about and done in the first place.. Live and learn…lol..

    Congrats on getting over 1000 points and becoming a staff member! Thanks for checking up on me!

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