Using Domain Reseller Program


I wanted to provide custom domains to my users.

I find eNom reseller program is bit costly for me right now.

I wanted to use reseller service

1. Is that Ok to use them? Any Advice?

2. What will be the workflow of users to add domain? Is it like anything below,correct me if I understood wrong

i. User buys a domain from my reseller account

ii. User Copies and paste the IP address of my network in his Domain name servers

iii. User adds the name of his purchased domain in his Domain mapping plugin

Thats it. The user site will now point to his new purchased domain address. Am I correct?

3. Is there any work do I need to do each time to assist users to map a domain?

4. After 1 year I will move my network to dedicated server. So how does it affect domain mapping? What is the best way to add domain to avoid minimum/no down time of user site while moving?

IF anything I left please advice me.

Thanks in advance for taking time to address my problem :slight_smile: