Using Categories and Membership to allow access to partioned content

I'd like to create a BuddyPress site that grants access only to portions of content that are included in the member's profile. These memberships are not simple increasing levels of access. The various sections of content are orthogonal to each other.

For example, one member might be granted access to Blue, Green, and Red content. Another might have access to Blue and White content. Another might have access only to Orange content. There are so many possible combinations that it's impractical to create each possible combination as an explicit membership type.

How can I set up Categories, Tags, and/or Membership Levels (or any other content restriction tool) to create this type of flexible access?

Thank you!

BTW, I'm pretty new to most of the more advanced features of WP and completely new to WPMU plugins, so don't be afraid to talk down to me. :slight_smile: